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Sporty Look Trends 2022

     In the last two years, the global pandemic has changed and impacted on fashion trends, but I am not upset about it! I actually appreciate sports wear and matching sets becoming an everyday fashion trend! I love the concept of being comfortable and yet not having to sacrifice not being fashionable. Matching sets are not only a trendy fashion staple now, but they also service a duo purpose. You can workout or get in your daily walks in it or you can look put together in it when going grocery shopping or grabbing coffee with your girlfriends. A classic black two piece matching set is a good staple, it makes everybody look good! I picked up this set I'm wearing from Gap, the quality and price are both a win for me. Gap is currently having a President’s Day Sale from February 17th to 21st. Extra 10% off regular price styles, extra 50% off  all sale items. Plus the weekend event, you can get 50% off Tees, Jeans and Sweats!      I think I really appreciate the whole athleisure attire
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Secret's New Collection with Essential Oils: My Full Review

Why I chose Secret's New Collection with Essential Oils for myself: Throughout the years, it's been difficult for me to find something that works for me. Especially with the current deodorant market, it's hard to find the perfect product. I have to say, Secret's new Collection with Essential Oils definitely deserves the title of "best deodorant of 2021". The smell of essential oils makes it feel extra luxurious for an everyday essential. Aside from that, I love the fact that they offer a version that is aluminum free, and free from all the stuff that I do not want for my body. It achieves and uphold its long lasting odour fighting claim, up to 24 hours!  Read more to find out why I love using it everyday and how it elevates my everyday life by taking an ordinary change and making it extraordinary!    1. Free from all the things I don't want This is an important factor for me when it comes to selecting my deodorant. We often forget the importance of ing

Holiday Lookbook

Get yourself ready and prepared for the holiday! Adding some perfect holiday look pieces into your wardrobe this season is a must!  The #1 essential in everyone's holiday look is a sparkly dress from Le Chateau, this dress is so flattering on and looks good on all body types. I've been loving pairing my dresses with a pair of below the knees heels, but this dress can be pair it up with any pair of sparkly or black sandals.  Satin top is another must have, it can dress up a simple leather pants or a pair of good jeans. This satin top from Le Chateau featured a few flattering cuts on all body shapes, such as the medium front v-cut, off the shoulder and the tie at the waist. The colour give you that extra tan and glow you need for this holiday.  The last must have in a holiday look is a pair of good silky pants from Le Chateau, this pair of emerald jogger pants can easily be dressed up and down! I pair this look with a match silky top in the same emerald colou


Excited to be sharing my favourite power suits outfit with you. Last week, I had the honour to be taking a part in a #MySuitMyWay campaign with Le Chateau, the images are now ready and I am happy to share these with you! I love how there was three of us in this campaign, we all styled three same piece but with our way of styling. It's crazy how we look so different in all the looks we have picked up, similar yet different. My personal favourite look was this camel suit, I just love how the colour look on my skin! Especially when you pair it with the matching camel dress pants! Also, the camel blazer looks good on it own, you can pair it with a black trouser or a pair of jeans. Probably one of my favourite comfy look from this lookbook. I think living in the city, made me realize how dull sometime suits and office attire can look on women, now you can have a little more fun styling with these pieces from Le Chateau, making work a little boring. Honestly, I love the concept of being

5 Hair Products for Thicker, Fuller-Looking Hair

On the hunt for better hair?  Look no further than these 5 products to help you achieve luscious locks!  I’ve always had fine hair and it was pretty damaged after bleaching it blonde for two years; these products have helped my hair to look and feel its best over the past 6 months!  Remember getting that regular trims and switching to a lower heat when you are  styling your hair helps your it remain healthy, as well. I started to avoid using as much heated styling as possible, since even with heat protection, you can still damage your hair. I’ve been styling my hair with no heat - just natural air-dried hair. I’ve noticed that after 6 months, this, plus the products below, have allowed my hair to not only look thicker, but smoother and easier to manage. 1. VIVISCAL GORGEOUS GROWTH DENSIFYING SHAMPOO This shampoo does not only gentle cleanse your hair, it also helps your hair to look fuller and thicker. The formula contains the phytonutrient-rich Ana:Tel TM , which is