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A Girls Night With Palm Bay

A Girls Night With Palm Bay

Good Music. Good Friends. Good Drinks. A great recipe for the best girl’s night in with my ladies.  Living the #PalmBayLife is a nice change from the typical club night out especially knowing that you’re surrounded by the people who provide the best entertainment.

I’ve been known to be an introverted individual who struggled to befriend people. Although everyone believes that I’m the type of person to have millions of friends due to my Instagram status, I really do only have a few close individuals that I would consider as Taylor Swift would call it “My Girl squad”. My #ChloesSquad, consists of a small group of both confident and genuine girls that have always been my backbone throughout my life journeys. They’ve given me so much throughout these years that I thought it would be an amazing idea to give back to them by throwing a little girls night in at my very own place!

I decided the theme for this party would be a casual one. I wanted to create an effortless yet comfy vibe where everyone can enjoy themselves the way they are without having to go through excessive means. In order to create this chill type of vibe, we pulled out some fancy balloons, cozy blankets, a funky record player and grabbed some tasty cookies and ice cream (a girl’s true best friend. The set-up process was just as fun as the party itself because it was filled with giggles and great tunes!

Of course we can’t forget about the delicious drinks that played a large role in the party. Palm Bay’s Pomegranate Hibiscus and the Mango Lemon Oasis Ice Tea were the drinks of choice throughout the entire night. Palm Bay’s fruity and light taste was favoured by every single girl at during our night in. Its definitely one of the most delicious drinks we've come across in a while and they will surely make an appearance the next time I get together with the gals.


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