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Lazy Weekender

Beanie: Bench Canada  Sweater: Bench Canada Legging: Bench Canada Shoes: Vans For those who are lazy like me this look may be perfect for you! I spend most of my weekend in the library and gym, yes that's me! I like to dress comfy, but somewhat fashionable. The main hightlight of this look is the beanie, on your bad hair day, these babies are what you pull out from your closet! But hey the pompom on this beanie is pretty damn cute! The black contrast perfectly with my blonde hair. Of course, on comfy and lazy days, you cannot go wrong with an all black look! The vans definitely dress down the whole look rather then going for a pair of black boots. I decided to take a break for my ripped jeans and switched to leggings, now I understand what the hype is all about! They keep my legs warm and comfy, and super stretchy for my food baby haha! Love, Chloe Zhang

Hair Goal in progress, Patience is the Key!

Hair Goal in progress, Patience is the Key Four months ago, before Redken and Marie-Eve from salon Tocci worked their magic on my hair, it was in the worst condition possible–no hair salon was willing to take me in as a customer. My hair was very damaged and of course extremely brassy… I remember complaining about my hair every second of my life, I hated it! After going through this process, I learned how to have patience. The hair goal photos you see on the Internet and on Instagram, don’t typically show the process and how long it took to achieve that kind of “hair goal”. On average, to achieve blonde hair from naturally very dark hair takes a minimum of three sessions with each session being approximately 4 hours long, which means a minimum of 12 hours’ session is required. When I first found out how long it would take, I was for sure surprised! I thought it would only take one visit to the salon to complete. I’ve learned how to take this hair progress slowly, one step at a ti

Get Personal With Me

2016  It was a great year for me. It was full of adventures, learning experiences and opportunities. I learned how to be a better blogger and share more and more content with the world. Enjoy explore variety different parts of Toronto, finding new spots to take photos; such as cafe cafe, new restaurants to try out.  Blogging is not as easy as it looks, hundreds and thousands of photos later finding that one perfect photo to post. A photo may look simple, but the work behind it is often neglected. A photo goes through the process of filtering, carefully selecting, editing and then being posted.  I remember when I started blogging in 2014, it was under rated and not high concentrated with users. There were a smaller amount of users on Instagram platform as well. I started off with focusing on Instagram first, then realizing that I have more photos and contents to post and share to the world, I decided to expand my platform to blog as well, where I can share