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Hair Goal in progress, Patience is the Key!

Hair Goal in progress, Patience is the Key

Four months ago, before Redken and Marie-Eve from salon Tocci worked their magic on my hair, it was in the worst condition possible–no hair salon was willing to take me in as a customer. My hair was very damaged and of course extremely brassy… I remember complaining about my hair every second of my life, I hated it! After going through this process, I learned how to have patience. The hair goal photos you see on the Internet and on Instagram, don’t typically show the process and how long it took to achieve that kind of “hair goal”. On average, to achieve blonde hair from naturally very dark hair takes a minimum of three sessions with each session being approximately 4 hours long, which means a minimum of 12 hours’ session is required. When I first found out how long it would take, I was for sure surprised! I thought it would only take one visit to the salon to complete. I’ve learned how to take this hair progress slowly, one step at a time. The first photo is of my hair before I got it done with Marie-Eve and Redken, it was very brassy, dry and damaged. Today, my hair is no longer dry and brassy! To achieve your hair goal, you must take care of it properly otherwise it won’t last more than two weeks. I know a lot of people who’ve done their 12-hour hair session all in one day, however it will not give your hair enough time to recover and repair the damage, so I suggest being patient and doing it the right way. I am very happy I took this process slowly–I see a huge difference in my hair thanks to my journey with Redken!

A new hair product discovery was the Blonde Idol Custom Tone Violet

This is a custom blend of colour deposit for your hair to help neutralize brassiness. You can mix the purple tone with a conditioner to be used as a treatment.

This is photo of my hair before the 4 month journey with Redken

This is my current hair after 4 months of progress!

1-2 weeks after a haircolor service
When you are satisfied with current tone
To maintain newly colored hair

3-4 weeks after a haircolor service
When tone needs to be slightly adjusted
After sun-exposure or light swimming

5-6 weeks after a haircolor service
When desired tone is brassy or flat
After excessive sun exposure or swimming

This product can be used daily at a minimum colour deposit or up to twice a week at medium or maximum deposit.

Another product that I’ve discovered and love is the All Soft Argan-6 Hair Oil

This oil is perfect for dry, brittle hair as it provides softness and nourishes split ends.

Do not be afraid to take it slow sometimes, anything good is worth waiting for!


Chloe Zhang


  1. Wow amaizng process! I live by the gold shampoo and conditioner line from Redken! Its so everythingggg :)
    XO Janina


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