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Upgrading Office Space with Bouclair

Today's blog post will continue to focus on upgrading my home office space - after having purchased the desk last month, I knew the next addition had to be a new chair! A work space would not be complete without a stylish, comfortable chair to get work done. Thank god Bouclair has always got me covered when I need furniture pieces. This grey office chair is perfect for the grey space/monochrome theme that I'm going for in my office! Not only is the chair very comfortable, but you can also adjust the height of the chair which is very useful; the wheel on the chair makes it easy to move around in the office space. Along side, I also picked up a foldable table in grey (of course!) which can be detached and used as a tray. This table is dedicated for magazines and candles. Another decoration I picked up was this white pineapple candle, I love how it gives extra dimension and something different to my office space.  For extra comfort and decoration, I picked

The Expiry Date

Today I am sharing something very personal about me. I have partnered with SK-II to support and bring awareness of the social pressures women faces everyday, especially on the factor of “growing older” as a woman. This has been a topic that we discuss about every day in our life, we constantly feel like we are running out of time in life. I am sure every one of you have felt pressured to live life a certain way, we’ve all felt unsure of path ahead, act and behaviour accordingly to the society. When I was young, in my teenage years, I always saw a set path ahead of me, whether it was to go to university, achieving good grades, get a nine to five job, getting married by twenty-eight, having kids before thirsty. These are the set standards that was set for every one of us to achieve as a human, especially as an woman. These ages are not set accordingly to individuals, but according to the society and what is the right time. I was raised in a very traditional Chines

Effortless Jumpsuit

Jumpsuit: Le Chateau Bag: YSL Sandals: Le Chateau Let’s keep it effortless on Friday! I just found myself the perfect fit jumpsuit from Le Chateau the other day. I was so attempted to get them in black as well. I love how flattering it looks on my body. It holds my body shape very well, of course the cold shoulder and ruffles look is combined in this effortless jumpsuit. This colour is perfect for the summer time, you can’t always be wearing black. This is a very light shade of blush and it looks almost white but not there yet. Jumpsuit are perfect when you do not know what to wear and how to pair pieces together. Definitely will save you a lot of time in the morning when you are picking an outfit. Also, this jumpsuit will make you look very put together and looks like you tried hard, when you just tossed on a jumpsuit. Always, I dressed down the look with a pair of low blocked heel sandal in nude. To complete this look and keep the en

Home Office Space Update

As summer is now here, I started to get more time to work from home. I personally think the home office is such an important space for every blogger. A clean and well furnished office space that is instagrammable is key for me – this is the space where all the work and magic happens! Most of you may know me as a monochromatic person, and this is exactly how I like my office space. During the month of July, I'm working in collaboration with Bouclair to redecorate such an important space in my home – my office. I think a well-made desk is a start to every office space, which is the reason why I picked up this wooden and silver table from Bouclair. Those who know me, know that I'm a sucker for any silver hardware pieces, so naturally, when I saw this table I knew I had to have it! The wooden touch adds a little texture and colour to the simple and monochromatic look of my office. You will probably see this table in a lot of my future posts, because a lot of my