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Breezy September Day

Duster: Le Chateau Top: Le Chateau Jeans: Le Chateau Belt: Gucci Shoes: Le Chateau Bag: Saint Laurent Hello September! It is crazy to think about how summer is officially over. But its been a cold summer in Toronto, it just rained half of the summer. With the changing of weather, it is officially thin layer season. The weather in the past two days in Toronto has been pretty cold, it is as low as 8 degree Celsius at night, so wearing shorts and short sleeves would not be such a brilliant idea. I picked up this duster blazer coat from Le Chateau the other day, I think I would get a lot of use out of this duster for the next couple months. Also, it is something different, I don't normally get white and long jackets, but this one caught my eyes. This jacket is very light weight, I like the length of this duster, it make my 5'5 figure look a lot more taller. I simply pair this look up with a silky black blouse from Le Chateau. Also, I picked up these


Here's to the last month working with Bouclair in redecorating key rooms in my home! For the final piece to the puzzle, I’ve chosen to decorate my bedroom. My first purchase was this round chrome side table with silver details. It’s definitely a great fit in any type of contemporary decor, its shiny silver base supports a round top to deliver a handy little table for setting down your wine glass or your TV remote. Sculptural and stylish, it's a great pick that'll deliver an instant update to any space! I personally will use it for my night light, a little decoration and flowers for a pop of color, and other small decor pieces such as a picture frame and my favourite perfume. This table can also be used in my office for extra space, or for snacks and food while I work! I've been needing a little make over in my bedroom for a while now – especially, I was in great need for nice and comfy bed sheet covers and I found the perfect set from Bouclair. To gi

Keep it Shady with Carrera Sunglasses

Top: Aritzia Jacket: Paige Denim Pants: Missy Empire Shoes: Stuart Weitzman Sunglasses: Carrera The overall of this look gives off the vibe that something the Kardashian family would wear. It is definitely on a dressy side, but you can look amazing with a little of fierce look. One of the biggest trend this summer is cropped ribbed tube top or tight off the shoulder top. This is my personal favourite, it showcase one of my most tanned part of my body as well as my collar bones.  Next trend piece has been seen pretty often on the Kardashian family is the flare pants, this one I'm wearing has lace up on the side, but stops at mid thigh. Looking trendy is all able paying attention to the details, this pants definitely looks different from any other regular flare style pants.  If you have not yet catch up on the next trend you should! It is the off the shoulder jacket look, no matter how hot it is out I am still going to wear a jack

Sliding into August

Dress: Le Chateau Vest: Le Chateau Slides: Le Chateau August is another sign of summer coming towards an end for everyone, another summer season sliding away, its crazy to think about how fast summer is going by. In graving of another summer sliding behind us, wearing black will help! As summer is coming to a close, black looks become more and more useful, you are suppose to wear more colorful pieces in the summer, I always do the opposite. This month, I picked up this very versatile black vest, which can wore all year around, it adds a layer of pieces to spice up this plain black slip dress from Le Chateau as well. One of my favourite purchase have to be these black mid-heeled mules, they are made of comfy leather and very easy to walk around in. Definitely a summer staple and must have, it can be easily transform into a fall shoes when paired with jeans and long trousers. Love, Chloe Zhang