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Holiday Gift Guides: His & Hers 2017

It is that time of the year again! Busy holiday season filled with many holiday shoppings lists. Every year, although I don't have a big friend group but I still struggled with buying the perfect Christmas gift for my friends. This year I have put together a little gift guide ideas, for both male and female. To be honest, females are probably the hardest to shop for, there's just too many options to select from. I even have trouble choosing what I want most of time. When it comes to gifting, unless the person is super specific with exactly the item she or he wants, it will be a struggle. But knowing the person's style, favourite colour and sizes are essentials to buy the "perfect" gift. Everyone's style is pretty different, different individuals like different pieces. I have put together a couple different gift guides for people with different style and individualities. That being said, my gift guides are according to my own opinion and what I think its most suitable. P.S. All direct links is attached to each items I mentioned below, definitely will save you the time from surfing through the sites.

The Ultimate "Aritzia Girl" Gift Guide

This is for the girl who is always in trend with style and looks like she works at Aritzia, or maybe she does haha. 

Classic Aritzia girls' must have ripped jeans: Citizen of Humanity
Classic Blue Wash $318
Black Wash $298
Yes, I know the price is very high but I have three pairs of these jeans and I cannot tell you how many times in a year I wear them, super stretchy and comfy, most importantly its super high waisted!

The Classic Turtle neck sweater $165
Every Artizia girl's must have in their fall and winter closet, long lasting sweater; I would not be surprised if she already have this one in light grey or black, maybe get her in another colour?

The Classic wool coat: Babaton Coat $298
Aritzia girl know her classic pieces, a wool coat is a staple in every girl's closet, especially this is a one button classic wool coat, little oversized but fitted at the same time. The black, grey and camel are the top three selling colour. If she does not have a nice wool coat, I would definitely recommend a black one to start off with!

Mackage Kenya Leather Jacket $595
If you feel like updating yo girl's leather jacket collection, this is definitely one of the jacket that is on my list. This is a slightly more feminine but a classic must have in your Typical Aritzia Girl's closet! It will be an investment piece!

Louis Vuitton Toiletry Pouch 26 $475
This is one of always sold out clutch, its a timeless and entry level to designer bags. One of the most affordable designer clutch, originally designed for makeup for travelling, but clutch will do. I was on the waitlist for 6 months for a location and still on the waitlist! Definitely recommend the Louis Vuitton location at the Saks on Queen Street, was on the waitlist for less than two months and got it!

Must have Black Pointed Toe booties $165
Pointed toe booties have be on trend for the last three years, it become a classic must have in every girls closet, the pointer the better they say ;) You can definitely not go wrong with black and leather!

Tiffany & co. Parfum (Gift set) $160
For every Aritzia girl, it is all about the classic and trendy pieces, this Tiffany & Co. is definitely one of those classic scent. It is not too in your face and subtle, fits well with every type of skin pH level.

Here's a similar look that I achieved with similar pieces:

The Sporty "Hyped Girl" Gift Guide

This is for those girl who love to dress simple and laid back, she picks her sneakers and sporty labels over any designer pieces. Often have the borrow from the boy style look.

Puffer Coat H&M $60

Hoodies, and more hoodies, especially Red ones! $85

Vans Old Skool $80
Must have shoes for the season, dress down a high elevated look but definitely comfy, I have them and get compliments every time I wear them out still!

Classic Black Beanie Aritzia $25

Marc Jacobs Daisy $96

Cluse Gold Mesh Watch $114
Feel free to use the code "CHLOEZANG15" for 15% off your purchases at CLUSE.

Here's a similar look that I achieved with similar pieces:

The Basic "Minimalistic Girl" Gift Guide

For those individuals who probably only have 3 different shades she loves in her closet. Also, cares of basic minimal staple pieces over any trendy and designer pieces. More of function over trendy.

Bottega Veneta Eau de Parfum $120

Celine Thin Preppy Sunglasses From SmartBuy $276

Basic Knit sweater H&M $40

Basic Black Wool Coat Zara $170

Black Sock Boots Aldo $120

Cluse Mesh Silver Watch $99
Feel free to use the code "CHLOEZANG15" for 15% off your purchases at CLUSE.

Here's a similar look that I achieved with similar pieces:

The Boujee "High End Girl" Gift Guide

The everything high end kind of girl, who loves wearing designer pieces and know a lot about it. ie. Chanel, Gucci, Saint Laurent, etc.

Saint Laurent Classic Wallet On Chain $2,463
The most classic and go to bag for me, because of the material, I am never afraid to bring this out to places with me, such as a bar or club! It can also be transform into a clutch for any formal events.

Alexander Wang Kori Boots $606

Celine Tilda Sunglasses $276
This is one the most classic pair of basic black pair of oversized sunglasses a girl can have, it was my very first designer sunglasses, I absolutely love it and its very well made!

Acne Studios Turtleneck Sweater $595

Acne Studios Shearling Jacket $3056

Acne Studios Canada Wide Scarf $180

Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Glam & Soul Ring $198

Gucci Bloom $114

Here's a similar look that I achieved with similar Boujee feels:

The Makeup Guru Gift Guide

The girl who is obsessed with makeup, probably have a tons unused palettes and makeup at home but still love to buy more.

Here's some must have that every Guru cannot live without, totally worth of every penny:

Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer $23

Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette $60

It cosmetic Bye Bye Pores Poreless Finish Airbrush Powder $32

It Cosmetic Your Skin but Better CC+ Cream $49

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz $27

Ysl Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones $64

YSL All Hours Primer $58

YSL Tatouage Couture: Nude colours #7, #23 $43

Velour Holiday Lash Kit $63

The On The Budget Gift Guide for Her (Under $100)

But who say you can buy nice and stylish gift if you are on a budget?! Here's a gift guide for those who are trying to budget but wanting to buy nice gifts. But not going to lie, everything has increase its price in the past years, think about Forever 21, back in the years you can purchase a nice shirt for around $15 now it is double the price.. Butttttt, I found some good deals and excellent gift ideas for those who are on a budget, I totally understand the student budget struggles! 

Cellular Water Fondant Cream $39
Cellular Body Oil $39

La Vie En Rose PJ set $20

La Vie En Rose Robes $70

Indigo Monogram Mug $10

H&M Fine Knit Sweater $40

H&M Cotton Duvet set $35

H&M Faux Fur Coat $70

H&M Turtleneck Sweater $40

Aritzia Babaton Pom Pom Hat $45

Cluse Mesh Silver Watch $99
Feel free to use the code "CHLOEZANG15" for 15% off your purchases at CLUSE.

2017 Planner $82

Gift Guide For Him

Definitely not a expert in term of gifting for men, especially when you have been single for quite some time now and not having much guy friends. I never have to worry about gifting for males, but here's some suggestion I can make for those who are struggling. 

Jack Black Grooming Set $49

Jack blacks Its The Balm Lip Gift Set $39

Cluse Black & Gold Mesh Watch $114
Feel free to use the code "CHLOEZANG15" for 15% off your purchases at CLUSE.

Tom Ford Aviators From SmartBuyGlasses $204

Simple Black Cashmere Beanie $40

Leather Smartphone Gloves $40

Quarter Zip Knit Sweater H&M $50

Rib Knit Turtleneck Sweater H&M $35

Classic Wool Blend Coat $129

Calvin Klein Boxers $35

Moncler Winter Down Jacket $1235

Saint Laurent Black Croc Wallet $515

Burberry Black & Grey London Belt $380

Bottega Veneta Voortrekking Boots $1100

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping! 



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