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Full of Hearts for 2018

Here's to the first post of 2018, yes I know it is already the end of January... Its crazy how fast time flies... 2017 was hell of a year for me, it was full of struggles, especially within myself and being a full time blogger and student. One thing I am always grateful about is when brands that never stop believing in you, I am grateful to be part of Le Chateau Ambassador again this 2018! It is heart warming when brands builds a long time partnership with you, rather than a short time one post partnership, I really appreciate it when brands want to grow and empower together!  In this blog post, I wanted to share with you some of my struggles in 2017 and what I want to work on in 2018. Although, it is ahead a month into 2018, I already feel a little unmotivated.. BUT you have to keep pushing yourself! In 2017, Three major struggles for myself:  1. Unhappiness In the middle of 2017, I realized how unhappy I was with myself and everything around me, I ALWAYS brings out