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"One Man's Trash is Another Man's Treasure"

As a fashion blogger, following up with trends and styles every season, my closet only gets bigger and bigger, accumulating all kind of pieces. Super guilty of having a closet space covering up 75% of my bedroom, this is why I should start downsizing my closet or dedicating one room for my closet space. Realistically, there are pieces in my closet that I have not worn or touch in the last couple years. I have been constantly gravities towards new trendy pieces, since these piece are more purchasable and readily available online and in stores. Sometimes, it is good to let things go.  The idea of "One man's trash is another man's treasure. " There is no point of having pieces in my closet and knowingly that I will never wear them ever again, instead of collecting dust in my closet, it can be someone else's treasure and gold, putting more use and wear into these pieces. I am not saying these pieces are "trash", I love everything I own in my closet,

Always on the Run

February is full of hustles, although it is only two days shorter than any other months.. At this point, there is only a week and half left of February. I started to realize that I am already feeling burned out... I've been put too much stress and worries in my head during the last month of 2018.  As much as I love to be always on the run and hustle, I love being a on top of what I do and being independent. There is nothing wrong with having a standards and expectations for what you do, but do not over work yourself. It is good to have time for yourself and stand back when its needed.  I realized that I was too focus on keeping myself busy and occupied with work opportunities, not appreciating small little opportunities and tiny accomplishments. Funny story, I was catching up with an very old friend of mine from almost 10 years ago, she told me "I am very proud of you, you've came a very long to build who are today, you came from the bottom with nothing, your hustle i