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My Microblading Experience

As many of you know I recently got my eyebrows microbladed by Tiffany at Brow Beaute. Today, I am sharing with you my experience about microblading. I've been considering getting my eyebrows microbladed for sometimes now, I've been doing my researches on microblading and top Toronto Microbladding locations. Also, I posted a recommendation microblading post on my instagram story. The number one recommended place was Brow Beaute by my followers. I took a look at Brow Beaute's work, I knew she is one that I want to get my eyebrows done with! Her work are clean and natural. You don't understand how excited I was when I booked my appointment with Tiffany and being able to wake up with the perfect eyebrow s!  So what is Mircoblading?  It is a Semi-Permanent tattooing technique which creates hairlike strokes to fill in your eyebrows and creating a better shape for your eyebrows. All the pigment from microblading are not implanted into the skin as a deep as a normal tatt

Cheers to Twenty-One

Another year older, another year wiser. As I’m getting older, age became just a number but as another year of growth and learning. I remember growing up thinking about how I will be and how am going to celebrate my sweet sixteen, 19th birthday and now 21. I’d said I had a pretty relaxed 21st Birthday and it’s by far my favourite. Yes, as I am getting old, I don’t like to go out as much as I used to. My favourite pleasure became being able to sleep in and watching Netflix. As well as keeping myself 110% occupied with work. Good companies, good food and good vibes only; this is the three things I live for.  I’m so glad to have the opportunity to have a 24 hours Staycation at The Adelaide Hotel. It was a little quick sweet escape. The Adelaide hotel is a five stars hotel located in the heart of Downtown Toronto at 325 Bay Street. It also becoming Canada’s first St. Regis Hotel. As a blogger, I had many opportunities to stay at numerous diff