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Secret's New Collection with Essential Oils: My Full Review

Why I chose Secret's New Collection with Essential Oils for myself:

Throughout the years, it's been difficult for me to find something that works for me. Especially with the current deodorant market, it's hard to find the perfect product. I have to say, Secret's new Collection with Essential Oils definitely deserves the title of "best deodorant of 2021". The smell of essential oils makes it feel extra luxurious for an everyday essential. Aside from that, I love the fact that they offer a version that is aluminum free, and free from all the stuff that I do not want for my body. It achieves and uphold its long lasting odour fighting claim, up to 24 hours! 

Read more to find out why I love using it everyday and how it elevates my everyday life by taking an ordinary change and making it extraordinary! 


1. Free from all the things I don't want

This is an important factor for me when it comes to selecting my deodorant. We often forget the importance of ingredients of the product that we are on our skin. Secret's New Aluminum Free Deodorant with Essential Oil is free from aluminum, paragon, dyes and glycol, as well as talc and alcohol. What makes it even better is that it's certified PETA cruelty free! I love supporting brands that I can share the morals that I am proud of. I want to take pride in the fact that the product I am using is luxurious and not only good for my body, but good for animals as well. 

2. Long Lasting odour protection

Many people get confused about what's the difference between antiperspirant and deodorants. Antiperspirant stops the body from sweating, while deodorant protects the body with odour protection. Throughout the years, I have normalized sweating and accept the fact that it is okay to sweat, in fact sweating is actually good for you. It allows your body to sweat out the toxins, and boost the immune system. Deodorant fights the bacterial growth that cause odour smell of your armpits. Secret Aluminum Free with Essential Oil, uses the scent derived from nature to help your body fight back the bacteria that produce unwanted odour scents.

This new collection is formulated with essential oils and is crafted with pure essential oil that is derived from roots, stems, and flowers of plants. The scents are hand selected by expert perfumers and comes in amazing scents, such as lavender + lemon, rose + geranium. My personal favourite is the rose + geranium! It is such a luxurious scent, and doesn't fade throughout the day. You can sweat and smell good at the same time. 

3. Luxury feeling on your skin

The word of luxury is often not referred to with deodorant, often the unseemly odours and armpits are not considered sexy or luxury. However, I find that Secret's New Collection with Essential Oil not only offer me luxury packaging, but a luxury application and product for my skin. I have sensitive skin, this deodorant works on my skin and causes no reaction to it's designed to be gentle! Secret deodorants have been recommended by many dermatologists. The additional of essential oils makes it feel more luxurious for our everyday essentials, it elevates everyday life by taking the ordinary making it extraordinary.

4. Luxury but affordable

Another reason why I chose Secret Aluminum Free Deodorant with Essential Oil is because of its price point, I believe in affordable products that work! This deodorant is a body basic with a luxe and sophisticated packaging, yet at an affordable price. It is also accessible across all drug stores, including Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart. I wouldn't have trouble replenishing or being without it! 

Personal Story: Elevating My Daily Routine

After being lockdown for over a year now due to COVID19, everyone's daily routine has started to look the same. Sometimes, we just need to add a bit more luxury in our everyday lives, which I did today by adding Secret with essential oil to elevate my daily routine. My routine consist of getting ready in the morning with a cup of freshly made matcha latte, and refilling my diffuser with essential oil and water, its aroma diffused across the room. Then I get ready to put on my outfits, whether it is lounge wear or athletic attire, and sometimes I even put on real clothes! I can now say the scent of essential oil in my deodorant makes my day feel better, and makes me look forward to getting ready.

Learn more about Secret's New Collection with Essential Oils here and let me know what you think! 


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